Chair: Theresa C. McLoud (Boston, USA) & Thomas E. Hartman (Rochester, USA)
17.30-17.50 The Impact of CT in Pathologic Assessment of Lung Cancer
William D. Travis (New York, USA)
17.50-18.10 Innovations in the 8th edition of the TNM classification of lung cancer
Ramón Rami-Porta (Terrassa, Spain)
18.10-18.30 Lung RADs in Lung Cancer Screening
Ann N.C Leung (Standford, USA)
18.30-18.50 PANCAN and Other Risk Models
John R. Mayo (Vancouver, Canada)
18.50-19.10 Imaging, Pathology and Prognostication in Lung Adenocarcinomas Presenting as from Ground-Glass Opacity Nodule to Advanced Cancers
Kyung S. Lee (Seoul, South Korea)
19.10-19.30 Discussion

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